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  • Iraq s Government Not Obama Called Time on the U S

    But the decision to leave Iraq by that date was not actually taken by President Obama it was taken by President George W Bush and by the Iraqi government In one of his final acts in office President Bush in December of 2008 had signed a Status of Forces Agreement SOFA with the Iraqi government that set the clock ticking on ending the

  • Trump gives Pentagon power to determine U S troop

    WASHINGTON The White House is giving the Pentagon greater flexibility to determine the number of U S troops in Iraq and Syria in another move by

  • Slow Burn The Road to the Iraq WarSlate Magazine

    In 2003 the United States invaded Iraq without provocation Most Americans supported the war as did most politicians and intellectuals both liberal and conservative


    U S SET TO GIVE UP ARMS INSPECTIONS FOR CURBING IRAQ By Steven Erlanger Nov 8 1998 But after the United States held off using force against Iraq

  • Intel New Iraqi committee hopes to weed out corruption

    Iraqi protesters have since October 2019 sought reforms to curb corruption and accountability for security forces that have killed or unjustly detained protesters The formation of the anti corruption committee comes as Kadhimi announced the completion of the first phase of the government s fact finding mission into the violence committed

  • IRAQ Weapons Inspections Council on

    Because Iraq had a history of using chemical weapons and giving up its weapons of mass destruction was a requirement of the U N Security Council

  • Iraq Development news research data World Bank

    The WBG will develop a two year Country Partnership Framework CPF for Iraq The CPF aims to offer solutions to support Iraq s transition to a more resilient and inclusive economy and will also support engagement to help de risk the private sector mobilize finance for development and create markets through innovative financing tools and public private partnerships

  • Iraq War Summary Causes Dates Combatants Casualties

    Iraq War also called Second Persian Gulf War 2003–11 conflict in Iraq that consisted of two phases The first of these was a brief conventionally fought war in March–April 2003 in which a combined force of troops from the United States and Great Britain with smaller contingents from several other countries invaded Iraq and rapidly defeated Iraqi military and paramilitary forces

  • Why the war in Iraq was fought for Big Oil CNN

    Iraq s oil production has increased by more than 40 in the past five years to 3 million barrels of oil a day still below the 1979 high of 3 5 million set by Iraq s state owned companies

  • British Colonialism and Repression in Iraq

    British Colonialism and Repression in Iraq Britain set up a colonial regime in Iraq after a long military campaign during World War I In response to Iraqi resistance including a country wide uprising in 1920 British forces battled for over a decade to pacify the country using airplanes armored cars firebombs and mustard gas

  • WTO Accession status Iraq

    Iraq Iraq s Working Party was established on 13 December 2004 the de restriction of accession related documents was governed by a different set of rules i e General Council Decision WT/L/160/Rev 1 of 26 July 1996 which only affect documents circulated prior to 2002 If so please contact webmaster wto giving details of the

  • UNIKOM United Nations Iraq Kuwait Observation Mission

    On 2 August 1990 Iraq invaded and occupied Kuwait On the same day the Security Council adopted its resolution 660 1990 condemning the invasion and demanding Iraq s immediate and unconditional withdrawal its forces to the positions they had occupied the previous day A few days later the Council instituted mandatory arms and economic sanctions against Iraq

  • Declassified CIA Document Reveals Iraq War Had Little

    Declassified CIA Document Reveals Iraq War Had Little Justification The justification for going to war in Iraq thirteen years ago was based on a 93 page classified document that allegedly contained specific information on former Iraqi leader President Saddam Hussein and the weapons of mass destruction WMD programs he was apparently

  • Office of Medical HistoryOperation Iraqi Freedom

    U S Army medics set up sleeping quarters on March 30 2003 at an undisclosed location in south central Iraq Official photo by SGT Kyran V Adams 55th Signal Company Combat Camera Camp Doha Kuwait VIRIN A 6727A 016

  • Populist cleric Sadr all but wins Iraq election Reuters

    Populist cleric Moqtada al Sadr a long time adversary of the United States has all but won Iraq s parliamentary election the electoral commission said in a surprise turn of fortune for the Shi

  • Who voted to authorize force in Iraq October 2002

    Which U S Senators voted for the resolution that authorized the use of force in Iraq 29 Democratic US Senators and all but one R RI Chafee Republican The full roll call on H J Res 114 107th Congress A joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq is here The vote count was YEAs 77 NAYs 23

  • US Military Bases in Iraq 12 Bases Military Bases

    Victory Base Complex Joint Operations Baghdad Iraq Baghdad US Military Bases in Iraq Victory Base Complexalso referred to as VBCis an amalgam of military installations around the Baghdad international airport The complex includes 10 basesVictory Fuel Point Slayer Striker Cropper Liberty Radwaniyah Palace Dublin Sather

  • Is the Iraqi Dinar Investment a Wise Investment

    The Iraqi dinar is the currency of Iraq and can be exchanged for U S dollars Hopes that Iraq s economy can recover from civil and regional wars have led to some speculation that the Iraqi dinar

  • US and British Support for Hussein Regime

    The author tracks US involvement in Iraq from the 1970s up until the trial of the country s former leader Saddam Hussein which began in 2005 Although the US helped to set up the Special Iraq Tribunal contributing to the exposure of some of these crimes the author warns against overlooking US complicity with the Hussein regime

  • First batch of student s washing machines shipped to Iraq

    First batch of student s washing machine shipped to Iraq The first batch of 30 hand cranked washing machines invented by a student for those living in poverty has been sent to a camp in

  • Biologist In Iraq Tracks Leopards Crossing The Border

    Biologist In Iraq Tracks Leopards Crossing The Border From Iran Landmines make the northern part of the Iraq Iran border forbidding for humans but

  • US leaves Iraq in tatters to target China but still keeps

    US President Joe Biden agreed on Monday to formally conclude the US combat mission in Iraq by the end of the year according to CNN On the same day Biden met Iraqi

  • UNHCR Donate to help refugees from Iraq fleeing war

    Please donate today At UNHCR we can get to the heart of a crisis within 72 hours We are working in 134 countries around the world but we rely almost entirely on voluntary contributions Your support will help us reach Iraqis who have withstood years of

  • U S Relations With IraqUnited States Department of State

    U S IRAQ RELATIONS The U S Mission in Iraq is dedicated to our enduring strategic partnership with the Government of Iraq and the Iraqi people In coordination with the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS the United States assisted Iraq s efforts to achieve the December 2017 milestone of liberating the country from ISIS

  • Twenty Years Later First Iraq War Still Resonates NPR

    Twenty Years Later First Iraq War Still Resonates The first Persian Gulf War ended 20 years ago this month Although it was a quick and seemingly decisive victory it has had a lasting influence

  • House Votes To Repeal The 2002 Authorization Used For

    House Votes To Repeal The 2002 Authorization Used For The Iraq War In the wake of 9/11 Congress approved two measures giving the president expansive war powers The House voted to

  • How Did ISIS Really Emerge The Atlantic

    Anbari took great stock in a new set of jihadist books that were circulating in post 9/11 Iraq primarily ones by Zarqawi s prison mentor Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi and Abdulqadir bin Abdulaziz

  • Nurse to Give Birth Alone After Trump Travel Ban

    Missouri Nurse Set to Give Birth Without Her Iraqi Husband After Trump Ban All of My Dreams Have Been Canceled this link is to an external site that may or

  • Missouri Nurse Set to Give Birth Without Her Iraqi

    Rachel Adrian is expected to give birth to her first child on Thursday but due to President Trump s controversial executive order banning entry into the U S from seven predominantly Muslim

  • Experts discuss fate of the Iraqi Dinar Iraq Business News

    By John Lee At a webinar hosted by the Iraq Britain Business Council IBBC yesterday a team of experts presented and discussed their insights on the Iraqi government s recent White Paper and on the challenges and opportunities facing the country On the subject of the Iraqi currency Frank Gunter Professor of Economics at Lehigh University

  • Joe Biden announces end of US combat operations in Iraq

    declared US relations with Iraq would enter a new phase with American troops exiting combat operations in the country by year end as he held talks with Prime Minister Mustafa al

  • US warns of military response to rocket attack on Iraq base

    FILEThis Dec 29 2019 aerial file photo taken from a helicopter shows Ain al Asad air base in the western Anbar desert Iraq At least 10 rockets targeted a military base in western Iraq that hosts U S led coalition troops on Wednesday March 3 2021 the coalition and the Iraqi military said

  • Memo to media Bush set a timetable for withdrawal from

    Memo to media Bush set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq Media conservatives have criticized the Obama administration for placing the burden of the deadline for withdrawing troops from

  • America s Afghan War Is Over So What About Iraqand

    At Bagram air base Afghan scrap merchants are already picking through the graveyard of U S military equipment that was until recently the headquarters of America s 20 year occupation of their country Afghan officials say the last US forces slipped away from Bagram in the dead of night without notice or coordination The Taliban are rapidly expanding their control over hundreds of

  • ISIS force 4 Iraqi Shia prisoners to watch flames inch

    ISIS have burnt to death four Iraqi men by chaining them upside down and setting fire to a trail of petrol that engulfed them in flames The four men were burnt to death in Anbar province Iraq

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