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  • AIRCAP P2A Medical

    AIRCAP FilterA large o 2 micron PTFE filter surface facilitates the rapid transfer of the vial and syringe contents without pressurisation No risk of contamination during reconstruction The advanced dual channel allows pressure equalisation during reconstruction

  • Vial Adaptor for 20 mm and 13 mm VialsB Braun

    For closed reconstitution and withdrawal of medications with most 20 mm and 13 mm vials with vial converter ring provided Majority of hazardous drug compounding can be done with just 3 SKU Designed to reduce waste help make implementations easier and reduce confusion Just compound and go No need to pre prime or pre activate the vial adaptor

  • TEVADAPTOR Closed Drug Reconstitution and Transfer

    Vial Adaptor The Tevadaptor portfolio contains 3 different vial adaptors which firmly connect onto any standard vial with a cap dimension of 13 20 mm ref 1MG245548 28 mm ref 1MG245766 or 32 mm ref 1MG245769 Once connected to the Tevadaptor Syringe Adaptor it allows a safe drug transfer


    The vial adapter body contains the dual lumen piercing spike and the second part of the device is an assembled 0 2 m hydrophobic air path filter 100 expanded PTFE membrane over Non woven polyester membrane support

  • ICU Medical

    Product Name Nominal Length Tubing I D Drop Size Y Site Type Number of Y Sites Product Image 5 mL Vial Adapter with Clave Connector

  • Medical devices including vial adapter with inline dry

    The vial adapter 32 includes a filter cover 49 for deployment between the top cover 43 and the top skirt wall 36 The filter cover 49 encloses an air filter 51 placed on the radial ribs 39 The air filter 51 has a central air filter aperture 52 co axial with the longitudinal device axis 31

  • Plastic Medical Filter 4 DirectMed

    We are a global supplier of plastic medical components Stock and custom components full design manufacturing multilingual support Order samples now

  • Drug Preparation and Administration CatalogICU

    CH 62 ChemoClave Vial Spike 13 mm 50 ChemoClave Vented Vial Spikes A 0 22 micron hydrophobic filter automatically equalizes vial pressure Allows access to vials with 13 mm 20 mm and 28 mm closures Item Description Case Qty Product Image CH 70 ChemoClave Universal Vented Vial Spike 20 mm and 28 mm 50 CH 70 5 ChemoClave Universal Vented

  • Vented vial adapterMedimop Medical Projects Ltd

    Grifols Vial Adapter Product Literature 2 pages Jan 2002 cited by other Novel Transfer Mixing and Drug Delivery Systems Mop Medimop Medical Projects Ltd

  • Amber glass injectable antibiotic vial 20ISO/DIN neck

    Amber glass injectable antibiotic vial 20ISO/DIN neck finish Personalised advice 4500 references volume discount dispatch within 48 hours ๐Ÿšš ๐Ÿ•

  • USB2Vial adapter assembly in drug mixing

    Apparatus for use in a drug mixing system including a vial adapter assembly including a main body element having a vial receiving portion and a needle puncturable port the main body element including an axial hollow tubular portion which is in fluid flow engagement with a bore of a vial puncturing spike the main body element further including a membrane support surface that supports a first

  • ICU Medical CH 61Vial Adapter 10 50mL 22Micron

    ICU Medical CH 61Vial Adapter 10 50mL 22Micron 50/Ca Adapter Vial 22 um Filter 10 50mL 50/Ca 312 MondayFriday 9am5pm CT


    Obtain immediate medical attention if injury occurs The procedures below are provided as general guidelines for the reconstitution of Kogenate FS provided with a sterile vial adapter with 15 micrometer filter and a prefilled diluent syringe which together serve as an alternative needleless

  • USB2Medical vial adapter with reduced

    A vented vial adapter for reconstitution of a medicament in a vial includes a vent lumen and a medicament lumen The vent lumen has a cross sectional area equal to or greater than that of the medicament lumen so that the fluid flow rate through the vent lumen is equal to or greater than that of the medicament lumen As a result aerosols of the medicament outside the adapter are avoided as is

  • Vialok Vented Vial Access Devices Yukon Medical

    Vented vial access devices can be used on a variety of vials They feature a 2 micron filter that minimizes aerosols and surface contamination while neutralizing vial pressure Non vented vial access devices are a great choice for use on small low volume vials Vented vial access devices available in universal 13mm 20mm and 28mm sizes

  • Amazon vial adapter

    BD Medical Systems 385108 Vial Access Adapter Multi Dose Pack of 100 2 7 out of 5 stars 2 232 78 232 78 2 33/Adapter FREE Shipping by Amazon Only 3 left in stock more on the way

  • Admixture Product CatalogB Braun Medical Inc

    Tevadaptor Vial Adaptorfor closed reconstitution and withdrawal of medications with most 20 mm and 13mm vials with vial converter ring provided Components do not contain DEHP or natural rubber latex 50/box 4 boxes/case 412111 412111 200 Tevadaptor Vial Adaptor for 28 mm vials Components do not contain DEHP or natural rubber latex

  • Mix2Vial Transfer SetCSL Behring

    4 Open the Mix2Vial filter transfer set by peeling off the lid Do not remove the transfer set from the blister package 5 Place the Sterile Water for Injection vial on an even clean surface and hold the vial tight Take the transfer set together with the blister package and push the spike of the blue adapter end straight down through

  • Cell and Transfusion Therapy ProductsCharter Medical

    T3003 150 mL four bag aliquot system w/150 micron filter piercing pin and needleless access port 24 Neonatal/Pediatric Aliquot System Catalog # Description Case Qty 8 Platelet sampling set with bacterial detection vial adapter cap 48 BC Platelet sampling set with 10mL BD syringe and cap/vial adapter 24

  • Filter Vial at Thomas Scientific

    Disposable filter funnel for solid liquid separation can be used in chemistry and biological laboratories The molded funnel has a 10 micron polyethylene fritted disc Polypropylene filter funnel is designed for use with the CG 1049 J style glass vacuum adapter and a flask or vial The CG 1049 J

  • Spike HMC Group

    Spike Vial Adapter device with bi directional needle free blue silicone valve and transparent polycarbonate body equipped with luer lock connection perforator and safety adapter for 13 or 20 mm bottles also equipped with hydrophobic filter for pressure compensation of 0 2 ยตm in PTFE Nylon and protective capsule

  • ICU Medical

    Nominal Length 2 5 08 cm Tubing I D 0 090 Priming Capacity Approximate 0 187 mL Filtered No Non DEHP Yes Hand Pump No Latex Information Natural rubber latex has not been used in the manufacture of this product Case Information Order Quantity 1 Case 50 Case Size 1 x 50 Cases per Tier 36 Cases per Pallet 360

  • Vial Adapter at Thomas Scientific

    connection of standard laboratory dram sample vials directly to the vapor tube or a bump trap of a rotary evaporator Adapters have a top outer joint of the listed size and a 20 400 G P I thread at the bottom A PTFE lined polypropylene double threaded connector attaches the vial to the adapter

  • AccessGUDIDDEVICE Swabable Vented Vial Adapter

    It is designed to puncture the vial septum aspirate medication and simultaneously allow air into the vial to reduce back pressure it has an integral filter intended to prevent the ingress of airborne microbial contaminants Typically the proximal end is a Luer connector The

  • Vial AdaptersWest Pharmaceutical Services

    Vial adapters are a cost effective solution for the safe and rapid transfer and reconstitution of drugs between vials and syringes Vial adapter spike technology provides a reproducible engineered depth for drug and diluent aspiration which greatly reduces the end user variability associated with traditional needle aspirations and helps

  • MILTENYI BIOTEC Filter Adapter Sterile for Spikeable

    Our inventory is sourced through liquidations and surplus from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries

  • ICU Medical

    Vial Adapter with 0 22 micron vent and Clave connector Product Numbers List Number shop icumed Number EDI Number Filtered No Sterile Pack No Hand Pump No Backcheck Valve No Latex Information Natural rubber latex has not been used in the manufacture of this product Case Information Order Quantity 1 Case 50 Case Size 1 x 50 Cases per Tier 36 Cases per

  • NalgeneThe original water bottle Made in the USA BPA

    Nalgene has a water bottle for every lifestyle and every adventure Made in the USA BPA free durable and dishwasher safe

  • SmartSite Vented Vial Access DeviceBD

    1 2 3 This device partners with the Texium closed male Luer to provide closed system access to drug vials SmartSite needle free valve includes Needle free access to multiple use vials 0 2 micron hydrophobic air venting filter provides Neutralization of vial pressure minimizing aerosols and surface contamination Eases drug extraction

  • Small Vial Adapter With Vented SpikeBuy Filter Medical

    Small vial adapter with vented Material Filter PALL ABS PP cap Can help the medical staff avoid drug infection See in Pic 3 And we can glue Gen2 needleless connector on it Or assemble the CA 016 on it See in Pic 2 Picture location

  • Shop Vial AdapterMcKesson Medical Surgical

    Call Us Medical professionals medical facility employees 855 571 2100 Need help with SupplyManager 800 422 0280 Accounts Receivable 800 453 5180

  • DailyMedIXINITY coagulation factor ix recombinant kit

    2 1 Dose Each vial of IXINITY has the recombinant factor IX rFIX potency in international units IU stated on the vial Dosage and duration of treatment for factor IX products depend on the severity of the factor IX deficiency the location and extent of bleeding the patient s clinical condition age and pharmacokinetic parameters of factor IX such as incremental recovery and half life

  • PanhematinDosing preparation and infusion

    Vial of reconstituted PANHEMATIN Infusion pump Primary infusion set including IV administration tubing with Y site 250 mL IV bag of 0 9 Sodium Chloride for Injection USP Sterile 0 45 micron or smaller filter IV tubing with vented spike or vented spike adapter Huber needle and injection cap Central line dressing kit Saline flush syringe

  • Baxter Healthcare Adapter Vial Vial Mate 200/Case

    This item requires 5 7 Days to process and prepare for shipping Product Description Vial Mate Vial Adapter For Only For Single Dose Vials With 20 mm Closure/VIAFLEX Containers Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex Non DEHP/Non PVC 200/Case Part Number 2B8071 Additives Non DEHP/Non PVC Brand Vial Mate For Only For Single Dose Vials With 20 mm Closure/VIAFLEX Containers

  • Plastic Medical Filter DirectMed

    Medical Filters DirectMed offers over 30 varieties of both Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic filters Size and configuration of filters can be customized to suite your project needs as well We can help you identify which Syringe Filters will work best for your application and we look forward to consulting with you regarding your project

  • Medical vial adapter with reduced diameter cannula and

    Medical vial adapter with reduced diameter cannula and enlarged vent lumen PATUS WALSH MARY K Patent Patent Appl Publ within the TVPPUnited States Application US on Publication Abstract A vented vial adapter for reconstitution of a medicament in a vial includes a vent lumen and a